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Cottontown, TN

Welcome to Cottontown, TN, where southern charm and hospitality meet in perfect harmony! Nestled in the heart of Tennessee, our picturesque town is delighted to have you here. Whether you’re a newcomer or a returning friend, you’ll find a warm and inviting community eager to share in your journey.

Explore our scenic landscapes, savor the flavors of our local cuisine, and immerse yourself in the rich history and culture that define our beloved Cottontown. From friendly neighbors to small-town gatherings, you’ll quickly discover the true essence of Southern living.


Our Beautiful Community

Take a stroll down County House Road, drive the scenic highway 25, stop by a legendary meat & 3, learn about the historic elements, where all of the good and produce are grown, connect with local businesses and meet a few of the neighbors.


Discover the true essence of Southern living

Visit Cottontown, Tennessee and discover a warm and inviting community eager to share in your journey.

Cottontown, TN

Cottontown is nestled in the heart of Tennessee in Sumner County.

Country Community

Discover a warm and inviting rural community, rich in Tennessee history.

Rural Culture

Where southern charm and hospitality meet together in perfect harmony.

The People of Cottontown

Welcome to Cottontown, where life is as sweet as freshly picked grapes and as charming as a front porch swing on a lazy summer afternoon. Nestled in the heart of farm country in Sumner County, this quirky little town is bursting with colorful characters and agricultural adventures!

Meet the People of Cottontown:

Featured Events

Stay in the know about featured events in Cottontown, Tennessee – Farm & Garden Tours, Potlucks, Community Events, Community Markets, Festivals, Fundraisers, Holiday Festivities, plus more!


Plan your visit to Cottontown

Come visit the country community of Cottontown, Tennessee and discover all that this picturesque town has to offer!